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Congressional Sign-on Letter

Urgent news! With the 2023 Fiscal Year approaching, Congress has begun considering where it will allocate funding. In efforts to increase funding for alopecia research, NAAF, in collaboration with Congresswoman Pressley, created a “congressional sign-on letter” to present to the House of Appropriations, which oversees the federal government’s funding. The more Representatives who sign this letter, the greater the chance for alopecia research. It is up to us constituents to get our Representatives on board as they can only sign on if we express interest. Below I listed the two steps you can do to help the letter. If you click the buttons, you will find prepared scripts for contacting representatives.

Call of Action from NAAF:

  1. Reach out to Jackson Rau ( at the Health & Medicine Counsel with your zip code and address and indicate your interest in taking action. Jackson will use this information to identify your Representative and the email address of their correct staffer.

  2. Email the staffer asking for their support and attach the Congresswoman’s letter linked in our bio. You can use the sample message/script in our bio.

The deadline for signing the sign-on letter is Monday, April 25th.


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