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About Us

Our Mission

The Alopecia Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness for alopecia, empower our community, and advocate for empowering hair loss legislation. 

The Alopecia Justice League's mission is to spread awareness for alopecia and dismantle society's stigma around baldness. Our founders are all closely tied to alopecia, Whether we have alopecia, treat alopecia, or love someone with alopecia. With these experiences, we are determined to achieve tangible change for the community. This mission starts with educating those on the hair loss experience, especially on the inaccessibility of wigs.


High-quality wigs intended for hair loss cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only are insurance companies not required to cover the costs, but most salons require out-of-pocket payments. Thus, for a majority of the seven million people in the US with alopecia, something imperative to boosting their sense of self remains out of reach. With Bill H.R. 5430, this financial barrier will be removed with the insurance-mandated coverage of wigs. 


In addition to raising awareness for the Bill, the Alopecia Justice League aims to empower those interested in becoming advocates for the bill. We provide resources for all stages of the advocacy process and updates relating to political or social alopecia-related current events. We hope you will further your advocacy efforts with us or follow our journey via social media or this website. 



Alison Lee

Alison Lee has had Alopecia Areata since the age of five. She is a rising junior in NYC and a legislative mentor for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF).


Dr. Kristen Lo Sicco

Dr. Lo Sicco is a dermatologist at NYU Langone and specializes in Alopecia Areata. She is also an Associate Professor at the NYU School of Medicine.


Lindsey Sullivan

Lindsay Sullivan has had Alopecia Areata since the age of two. Lindsay leads the NYC NAAF support group and founded an Alopecia podcast, Very Nearly Almost. 

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Julie Yoo

Julie Yoo has two daughters with Alopecia Areata. She is also the SVP at Fanatics. 

Team Members


Bobbie Beale

Bobbie is from San Diego, CA. She was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in July 2021. She is always looking to meet new people in the alopecia community.


Téa Cotronis

Téa Cotronis is a sophomore in high school from New York. She is also a legislative mentor for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.  


Grace Duhs

Grace is a junior in high school. She has had alopecia since she was two and started losing all her hair at seven. She is excited to empower the alopecia youth!


Xavier Garriques

Xavier is a High School Sophomore that has had alopecia universalis since fifth grade. He has spent the last four years mentoring alopecia youth in his local alopecia community.


Kara Krupski 

Kara is a Sophomore in high school. She has had alopecia areata for 17 months. She is so excited to be a part of this amazing community, and to create friendships with people just like her!

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Melissa McClintock

Melissa is a junior in high school. She was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at 18 months old. She is excited to focus on AJL's pen pal program.


Claire Shelton

Claire was diagnosed with alopecia at nine years old and lost all of her hair in college. She is the NAAF Dallas support group leader and a legislative liaison. 


Adriana Beltran

Adriana is 16 years old and was diagnosed with alopecia areata three years ago.  She is excited to focus on the AJL pen pal program.


Erynn Delane

Erynn is 23 years old and from New Orleans, Louisiana. She was diagnosed with alopecia universalis around the age of 3. From her childhood hardships came unforgettable lessons and experiences that she loves sharing, and she looks forward to doing so with the AJL.


Maddy Funkhouser

 Maddie is 17 years old and can’t wait to meet everyone! Her hobbies include golfing, swimming, boating, and FFA (Future Farmers of America). She was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of 11 and want others to know that having Alopecia doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your hopes and dreams.

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Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Klein is a 4th year medical student at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, currently applying for postgraduate training in dermatology. She became passionate about advocacy for hair loss patients while working as a research fellow with Dr. Kristen Lo Sicco and Dr. Jerry Shapiro at NYU.

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Mikayla Mango

Mikayla is a senior in high school in New York. She has had alopecia since she was five and has been a legislative mentor for NAAF for three years! 


Gary Rolen

Gary Rolen, LMSW is a social worker specializing in trauma working in upstate New York. He was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 4, and by age 20 started living hat free! Gary is looking to connect with the Alopecia community through advocacy. 


Katerina Svigos

Dr. Katerina Svigos’ research and clinical interest in alopecia began as a medical student at NYU, where she helped create multiple educational video series on alopecia. She will begin her dermatology residency at SUNY Downstate in July 2023.

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