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About Us

Our Mission

The Alopecia Justice League’s mission is to raise awareness for alopecia areata, empower our community, and advocate for empowering hair loss legislation. 

The Alopecia Justice League's mission is to spread awareness for alopecia areata (AA) and dismantle society's stigma around baldness. Our founders are all closely tied to alopecia, Whether we have, treat, or love someone with AA. With these experiences, we are determined to achieve tangible change for the community. This mission starts with educating those on the hair loss experience, especially on the inaccessibility of wigs.


High-quality wigs intended for hair loss cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only are insurance companies not required to cover the costs, but most salons require out-of-pocket payments. Thus, for a majority of the seven million people in the US with alopecia, something imperative to boosting their sense of self remains out of reach. With bills H.R. 4034 and S. 1922, this financial barrier will be removed with the insurance-mandated coverage of wigs. 


In addition to raising awareness for the Bills, the Alopecia Justice League aims to empower those interested in becoming advocates for the bill. We provide resources for all stages of the advocacy process and updates relating to political or social alopecia-related current events. We hope you will further your advocacy efforts with us or follow our journey via social media or this website. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet AJL's team of doctors, medical students, and passionate teen advocates. 

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