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H.R. 4034

Bills H.R. 4034 and S. 1922 were reintroduced on 6/12/23. Currently, the Social Security Act does not recognize wigs as durable medical equipment. Thus, coverage for cranial prosthetics (wigs) is not mandated under the Medicare program, the US federal health insurance program. High-quality and durable wigs can cost thousands of dollars, often requiring payment upfront. 


The AJL created a ONE-minute form that auto-populates your representative and sends them a National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) approved script. This form is a great first step to begin your advocacy journey. You can propel these efforts to pass H.R. 4034 and S. 1922 by then meeting with your representatives via phone, zoom, or in person. 


The Alopecia Justice League equips everyone with the necessary tools to interact with their representatives effectively. Below, you will find helpful resources for every stage of your advocacy journey. If you're looking to learn more about the bill or how to follow up with your representative after a meeting, you're in the perfect place!


EDUCATE: Summary of H.R. 4034/S. 1922
CONNECT: contact your rep with our 1 min form
MEETING: Schedule a meeting with your rep

Congresswoman Pressley participating in our H.R. 5430 photo montage during the 117th Congress

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