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Did Someone Say Birthday?

Arguably the most determining factor of a birthday celebration is a birthday cake, a token of celebration. I recently celebrated my birthday with a fantastic cake I would love to share from Milk Bar. Milk Bar is a bakery with many locations throughout the US. They are best known for their distinguishable cake truffles and creative cookie flavors such as confetti, cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow, and compost. With new flavors every month, Milk Bar is always on top of the latest trends.

I recently discovered Milk Bar also has gluten-free cookies, cake truffles, and cakes that come in their trademark B’DAY flavor. Although I am not a fan of birthday cake ice cream, I LOVE this flavor for their desserts. The b’day cookies taste like fruity pebble marshmallow cookies mixed with your classic vanilla birthday cake, absolutely delicious. The cake was hands down the best gluten-free cake I have tried so far. Had I not ordered the cake, I would have had no idea that it was gluten-free. I also loved how decorative the cake was with its exposed sprinkle layers. The cake crumbs on top add a good crunch and are very good with the frosting. As someone who has a very high sweet tolerance, this cake is very sweet. However, if enjoyed without the frosting, it is much more manageable.I highly recommend this cake to celebrate a family member, friend, or anyone who avoids dairy on their special occasion.

Here is the link to purchase the cake:


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