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We understand that the advocacy process can be intimidating ... We created a one-minute solution.

Our digitized advocacy form auto-populates your congressional representatives and sends them a NAAF-approved advocacy script asking them to support the wig bills. These bills will mandate insurance coverage for wigs for individuals with chronic hair loss under Medicare. All that you have to do is enter your contact information.

Currently, Medicare does not recognize cranial prostheses (wigs) as durable medical equipment, meaning they are not covered by insurance. Wigs are critical to the quality of life for members of the alopecia community, instilling a sense of self, but they are highly cost-prohibitive. Many continue to relegate alopecia to a solely cosmetic condition remarking, “It’s just hair.”

Given the bills’ recent reintroduction, it is urgent that we take action now and secure co-sponsorship. Please note that your personal information is secure, and we do not give or sell any information.


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