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H.R. 5430 Montage Project

The Alopecia Justice League completed its first big project to raise awareness for H.R. 5430, a montage project. We wanted to highlight the following message for this montage: “Wigs Should Be a Choice Because Alopecia Isn’t. Support H.R. 5430.” This message is the underlying belief driving our advocacy. Everyone experiencing hair loss should be empowered to choose what they will wear on their head.

For the montage’s participants, the Justice League wanted to highlight proponents of the hair loss community. Whether they run wig businesses or use their platforms to educate those on Alopecia, all of our participants are truly amazing. We are so appreciative of their commitment to increasing awareness of Alopecia.

We wanted to especially highlight our final participant, Congresswoman Pressley! The Congresswoman re-introduced H.R. 5430 along with supporting other imperative hair-related legislation. As someone with Alopecia who uses their platform to raise awareness, she is a true inspiration to all. We are so thankful for her participation!

During and after the project, the Justice League experienced a 110% increase in engagement from the previous month. Not only did we gain many followers, but more constituents reached out to begin their advocacy journeys! The montage was truly a success, and we cannot wait for our future projects.

H.R. 5430 - Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

Wigs - Co-Founder Alison Lee

Should Be a - Co-Founder Dr. Kristen Lo Sicco

Choice - Co-Founder Lindsey Sullivan

Because - Dr. Mike Natter

Alopecia - Dr. Elyse Love

Isn’t - Dr. Joyce Park

Support - Abby Andrew

H.R. 5430 - Chloe Bean


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